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Oh my gosh, did I really post this?!  Well good morning to you! I did a very quick, impromptu video demo yesterday, complete with poor lighting, no makeup, and crazy hair – I bet it will make you feel a heck of a lot better today! ;) I’m including it here, just in case you missed it yesterday on my facebook page. If you were wondering how ‘made from scratch’ my feather headpins are….well, here ya go. They start out as a blank sheet of solid copper, and I go from there! I create my own patterns, and each feather is hand cut, notched (the video shows this part of the process), hand stamped, soldered, tumbled, and then my magic patina concoctions are applied and that whole process begins. There is so much time and so many steps to creating one gorgeous little feather – but it is so worth every bit of effort!!!

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Have another cup of coffee, take a stroll, run your hand over your furry (or feathered?) friend….all said to be calming and stress-relieving, right? Have a fabulous day, my friends, I will see you around!

Stay creative, be inspired


Magic Is Happening!

Ya’ll, the magic is ON!!!! I gotta take advantage of it while it’s hot, right?! So more of my copper feather headpins and charms are underway! The patina and color I’m getting on these right now is AMAZING!!! You all are going to LOVE these!!! I’ve decided to have another auction/sale on Friday October 16th for these beauties!!! This sale is going to run a bit different than the last one, so don’t freak out. This time, I am going to list several pairs of feather headpins with a starting bid ONLY…no buy it now (bin) option, to give EVERYONE a chance at getting their hands on these! I’ve had lots of sad friends because they weren’t fast enough or missed the sale date completely. I don’t want sad friends, so that’s how we’ll do it this time. The auctions will run through Saturday evening, so if you can’t make it over to my group first thing Friday morning, you will still have a chance to get your bids in!

In other news – We have found a lot/building site in Saratoga that we are super excited about!!!! This coming Saturday we very well might become the new owners of a plot of ground! This is such an exciting new adventure for my husband and I – no, it’s not our ‘dream’ acreage, but it will be the next step to getting TO that dream property, and that’s a HUGE deal!!!  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us, if you think about it!!! Lots of big changes in the near future!!!

Well, I’m going to enjoy lunch with my hubby (I love it when that happens), then get back to working some patina magic on copper feathers!!!!

You all have a wonderful week – and for those affected by all of that crazy flooding down south, my prayers are with you. Stay safe!!

Be inspired. Stay creative.


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Time Management~ When You’re Not Inspired

So, as an artist, I’ve hit this road block many times…. That moment in time when you really REALLY need to take advantage of the fact that you have a block of time to create, and boom – suddenly you have no inspiration, no ideas, maybe you don’t even feel like creating or designing anything at all!!! I recently ran into one of these ‘moods’, and thought I’d share my (hopefully) helpful tips on getting something accomplished even if it’s not the latest greatest design you ever made in your whole life! ;) 

The number one most helpful and productive task is REPETITIVE work!!! (for me, anyway) Do you make your own ear wires, jump rings, links, chain, or other commonly used components? (speaking to jewelry designers here) If so, here is a great opportunity to use your uninspired time to go into production mode and get some of these items made so that when you ARE inspired, you don’t have to use that precious time to make a pair of ear wires! 

Do you make your own packaging, labels, etc? now is a great time to do that! I make my own tags and labels – I print out the design, then cut and burn the edges for a rustic look. Time consuming, yes – but perfect for those uninspired days! 

I’ve been making my copper feather headpins lately – I do LOVE making them….but they are also a great project when I am not inspired to create anything in particular. Their design was VERY inspired – and although each feather is unique and individual, I can go into production mode by tracing, cutting, notching, stamping, hammering, then soldering them in an assembly – line sort of style. It’s very therapeutic, actually, in a funny sort of way. When you’re in THAT mood. You know. Wink wink… ;)  

So, seriously, you have NO repetitive work you can do to be productive? Hmmmm… Ok, so now is a really good time to connect with your audience! Write a blog post, share a tip or trick on your facebook fan page, or share some of your not-so-recent work! Just because it’s not new to you, doesn’t mean someone else won’t fall in LOVE with it!!! Participate in some of the groups you might be a part of, or go through and visit some of your friends’ posts  – leave them a comment or ‘like’ here and there – we ALL know how much a simple comment or ‘like’ means to us, both personally, and on the ‘facebook’ level! The more likes and comments, the more noticed our posts get!  Let me take a moment here to thank EVERY single one of you who stopped by my fan page, personal page, or auction listings this week to say hi! It means more than you know to hear from you!!! 

Do keep in mind that social media, although extremely important in our businesses, does become a time suck! I literally block out times where I turn off the computer, set my phone down, and breathe deep. Then I get to work, designing and creating what comes to mind. Outdoor activities such as hiking and walking with my pup and weight training also goes a long way in refreshing the creative drive! 

And….I am just going to throw this out there – but if you’re having an uninspired moment and the ideas listed above don’t fit, maybe this will: Try out a BRAND NEW to YOU medium or technique! Seriously! Are you a jewelry designer using primarily wirewrapping techniques? Hey, grab a sheet of 24 gauge copper, cut out some shapes, and start hammering away! We might make a metalsmith out of you yet! ;) Or whoa! metalsmith you are? how about some polymer clay, or maybe search for information and how-to videos on a new technique and give it a try! I know, most of us create in the mediums we do because that’s what we really REALLY like – but I believe it’s also very good to branch out and try something new if you’re able…. you just never know -you might fall in love! 

And, on that note, I will leave you to it! If you have any ideas, tips, or inspiration you’d like to share with us all, please leave me a note in the comments!!! We would ALL love to hear from you!!!

Here is a photo of what I’ve been working on -in between writing and visiting your listings and posts on facebook! ;) You can find my feather headpins and specialty components in my personal sale group on facebook: Azteca Designs Jewelry Components by Heidi

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