Green Hills and Desert Flower Sets

These 2 sets are fun and gorgeous! All hardware is silver plated. Earrings come with your preference of Triangles, regular wires, or clips. The Green Hills Set is glass – necklace features a hand painted glass pendant, and earrings feature green clear glass with a foil leaf inside each bead.

The Desert Flower Set features coral barrels with a fall of turquoise chips. Necklace pendant hangs on black leather.

These are stunning pieces!  Green Hills sells for $25 + $2.95 shipping(shipping charge is per total order – no limit on number of items in your order!)

Desert Flower Set sells for $36 + $2.95 shipping(shipping is per entire order)

If interested in purchasing, please contact us with your desired item, and we will list the item on our web site for your purchasing convenience.

Green Hills Necklace/Earring Set $25
Desert Flower Necklace/Earring Set $36


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