Our First Feature: Di Grazia Rosa Etsy Shop!

Hello fans, followers, and Etsy lovers!!!

Azteca Designs is starting a ‘Blog Feature Swap’!  Our first feature is for Di Grazia Rosa Etsy Shop.

This shop features many works of unique art and collectibles, not the least of which are her adorable Pot People!!! Made of over-turned flower pots, these Pot People come in all kinds of characters, but the ones that made me look twice were her Twilight Series. Featured in her shop as the Love Triangle Set -Edward,Bella, and Jacob, these are amazing works of art at affordable prices!

And who doesn’t love the Nutcracker??? Well, here you go – fantastic one-of-a-kind, hand-designed Nutcracker dolls by Di Grazia Rosa. Adorable!!! They are such master pieces that they will be passed down for generations!

Besides her unique dolls, Di Grazia Rosa also carries note cards, personalized trinket boxes, art prints, and beautiful canvas art.

Stop by today, and see what new and amazing works are available!!!

To shop, click www.digraziarosa.etsy.com

To read more about Di Grazia Rosa, click www.digraziarosa.blogspot.com



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