Bronze Goddess Body Butter DIY Recipe

One of my creations, a recycled denim bag with a strap long enough to wear across your body! It is fully lined, and folds over for a cool, care free look. Comes with a FREE gift! Click below to see details!!!! (I do have other bags in my shop in leather and denim)

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I have also included in this post an awesome recipe for super moisturizing body butter!!! Those of you who like to make your own body products will love this! Keep that skin looking summer-fresh, and silky-smooth!!! I believe all ingredients can be found: at a craft store, and at a health/natural foods/vitamins store.


Bronze Goddess Body Butter

1oz Unrefined Cocoa Butter

.5oz shea butter

.5oz natural beeswax

2oz golden jojoba oil

3/4 tsp nutrasorb

smidgen of bronze mica

a few drops vitamin e


2 thoughts on “Bronze Goddess Body Butter DIY Recipe”

  1. Where can i buy NUTRASORB? I have looked and looked and can’t find it anywhere and nobody
    has even heard of it when i ask. But i would love to try this product. I also would like to know if
    it is a cream or a powder? Please help me out?


    1. I apologize for the super delayed response to your question – we’ve been dealing with a family crisis. In answer to your question(in the case that you haven’t yet found it) I haven’t heard of NUTRASORB either, though I’m sure you can do a quick on-line search and come up with some options. Thank you for checking out my blog, and again, my apologies for the delayed response! 😀 Have a happy Spring!!!


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