Apartment Hunting, and Blogging

My husband and I spent our entire afternoon apartment hunting. I was surprised to find that the day had actually ended on a positive note! Number one, I don’t enjoy city living, and was surprised to find that there are actually parts of Denver that aren’t hideously industrial and dirty. Number two, we don’t have a large budget, and it was a pleasant surprise to find that we might be able to get a rather nice place in a rather nice location AND keep to our budget! We are huge outdoorsy people, love biking, hiking, walking, etc, so it was super awesome to find apartments that sat right on or next to parks and bike trails. YAY! I’ll keep ya’ll posted on our move date! 😀

So check it out – I love this Everything Etsy blog. It’s very informative and helpful! Check out this post Directory Listings and Bling.

They offer to list your Etsy shop FOR FREE!!! Here’s my listing: Azteca Designs. Scroll down the page until you find my shop name. Then feel free to browse the blog – there are some amazing and wonderful Etsy shops and shop owners here!!! 😀


Thank you once again to all of these fab curators!!!  Please tweet, facebook, blog, and tell a friend!!!

This one’s for the boys

Romantic style handmade

Vintage Art Deco


I Want To Be A Pirate

Have a good night, ya’ll!!!


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