Bag Obsessions and Chocolate Cake

Does anyone else out there have a bag/purse obsession? I do. I mean, seriously. It’s almost an illness in my case. I saw a bag the other day at Super Target and fell in ‘love’ with it instantly. I obsessed and fantasized about this bag for several days, trying to come up with a way to create it for myself. After all, making bags in one of those thing I love to do!

I finally gave up, gave in, whatever you want to call it, and purchased the bag. I felt slightly guilty because it’s been my rule never to purchase something mass-produced if I can make it myself.

I find myself going to bags and purses as some people go to ‘comfort food’, when in a stressful situation. I realized, after I made the purchase, that I had just taken a huge ‘bite’ of ‘super duper chocolate cake’ to make myself feel better. Wow! Don’t get me wrong – I love bags any time of day, stressed or no, but I can usually resist a frivolous purchase when NOT stressed.

You just learned something new about me – me too! 😀

In the case that YOU resort to chocolate cake instead of bag and purse purchases, here is a FABULOUS  chocolate cake recipe my wonderful sister-in-law posted on her blog, The Open Fridge. I hope you enjoy!!!

The Open Fridge – Birthday Cake Heaven


There was music in my dream and you were there- just inside the shadows

naturally neutral

Hell Bent For Leather


Go Green For Spring

Feel free to add your thoughts, or just chat! I love hearing from my readers!

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