Adding Cowrie Flower Jewelry

Keeping in touch with our previous conversation on ArtFire vs. Etsy, here are my findings so far:

My ArtFire shop has a total of 8 views since I opened it last week. My Meylah shop has had 22 total views in the same time-frame. I am using the free subscription for both store fronts, so neither has an advantage that way.ย  Interesting! I was expecting ArtFire to receive more attention!

My husband and I are going to south Denver to fill out paper work for our apartment! We finally found one that we really really like, and I am actually excited about moving for the first time in my life! Part of it is that we are hoping and planning to stay in the area, and actually work on making it our home – which we have never done since we’ve been married. We’ve always been on the move. A stressful life in a lot of ways! I am looking forward to becoming a part of a community, making friends, not being afraid to hang pictures on the walls…you get the idea! ๐Ÿ˜€

Due to lots going on in my ‘real’ life, I haven’t had a ton of time to devote to creating and being inspired, for which I apologize, but here is my newest listing – I am working on adding to my African Inspired, and Cowrie Shell collections!

Cowrie Shell Flower on Cotton Cord Necklace Earring Set

WE ARE FEATURED: Thank you to all of these wonderful curators for including us in some fantastic treasuries!

My silver day


Spring Forward

Put a Little Spring In Your Step

Lady in Red

Talk to my heart

equestrian flair

European vacation

Spring is in the air – Pay It Forward


Relax – The Sun Is Shining!

I love hearing from ya’ll – let me know if you like, dislike, or have thoughts on what we’re talking about!!!

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!!! XOX ;D


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