Wire Shopping

Have any of you designers become acquainted with Halstead Bead, Inc.? They offer great pricing on Sterling Silver and Goldfilled bulk wire, and other jewelry making products. Their sterling wire is made up of a minimum of 50% recycled silver, which is a huge plus in my book!

I came across their blog this afternoon, and thought I would share this little post with you – Halstead Bead is offering to feature you in their blog!!! Take a peek: Designers: Do you want to be featured here?

I just sent in my shop links and a couple of item photos, so we’ll see if they enjoyed my products! I’ll definitely keep you posted on this! 😀

I love wire, and am always on the look out for great quality at great prices! If you have a favorite supplier or know someone that does, I’d love to hear about them!!! 😀

Here are a couple of treasuries we curated this weekend:

The Hip Cowgirl

Take Care Of YOU! Body Care and Color

And we were featured:

Get it in Writing

Hit the beach!

Do you want to be featured here??? I am looking for Etsy shops and handcrafted small businesses to feature!!! Please leave links to your shop/website and blog,etc in a comment or e-mail your info to aztecadesigns@yahoo.com

Thanks, and ya’ll have a great Sunday evening!!! 😀


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