Moving and Adopting…

Many apologies for not keeping up on writing  – I do have a couple great excuses though! First off, my husband and I finally got to move into our new apartment! We LOVE it! Great space, and a separate dining area for my neglected dining table set, along with guest room and bath (which has 2 sinks!!!) Don’t you want to come visit??? My dear brother came from Ohio to help us move, and is currently spending some very special, treasured time with us.

As you can imagine, we’ve been super busy unpacking boxes, and trying to figure out where to put things, and how best to utilize our new space. It’s been so much fun to hang photos, pictures, and wall decorations up, and begin to make it a home.

We also made a life-changing decision to adopt a beautiful 2 and  1/2 year old Husky/Akita mix I named ‘Tundra” in honor of her snow dog breeds. (And perhaps a slight reference to a gorgeous Toyota Tundra pickup?)

We picked her up from the shelter yesterday, and she is adapting well to her new home. Having never lived indoors before coming home with us, she has a lot to get used to, and I have a feeling she will always be most happy outdoors hiking and being active with us. However, she is very mild mannered and quiet indoors – a huge bonus given the fact that she will be an apartment dog for a while.

In addition to setting boundaries and working with Tundra on household rules, and unpacking boxes and more boxes,  I have been doing a little job searching, and have sent my resume off to a high class country club golf course as well as to a private day care/kindergarten company. We will see if I hear anything back!

Etsy sales have been slow, but I honestly haven’t given it the time I should be lately – as we get more settled here, I will begin focusing more on that again.

I owe one more Etsy shop a feature on my blog! I will be posting this feature soon – keep an eye out for it!!!

Have a great weekend ya’ll!



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