Re-Opening As Azteca Designs Boutique

Hello to all of my fans and followers! After a long time away from my studio due to a family member’s terminal illness, I am back to being creative, and have re-opened my shop with a fresh name and a new location! We are officially AZTECA DESIGNS BOUTIQUE, and can be found at! Enjoy the new look of my blog, and browse my zibbet shop! 

My work now includes artisan crafted ear cuffs, ear jewels, necklaces and chains, bracelets, and jewelry sets. All orders are shipped with complimentary gift packaging, along with an Artist’s Story Card, and sufficient contact information should you need to get in touch, or wish to shop with us again! 

Custom orders are very welcome at Azteca Designs Boutique! In fact, most of our work is custom or special request! Don’t be shy about sending us a message with your questions!  

Once again, thank you for your loyalty and patience as we traversed this era of our lives. I look forward to continuing our relationships, and bringing you only the best in artisan crafted, hand worked jewelry from Azteca Designs Boutique!


Heidi W.


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