Connecting Via Social Media

First I want to welcome all of our new fans, followers, and clients! It is wonderful to hear from you all, and make so many connections! I want to share with you some particularly sweet feedback I received over the weekend: ”  I received my beautiful drusy earrings today…..they do NOT disappoint!!! Love them and I will wear the heck out of them….they are my new favorites!!!! TY so much!”

This feedback totally made my day, and it is so awesome when the pieces that I put so much time and love into find loving homes!! I appreciate all of my clients so much – you are awesome!!!

Azteca Designs Boutique is broadening our horizons, and our reach via social media! We can now be found on INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER, as well as PINTEREST.  Please join us as we share with you not only our business ventures and new designs, but our lives behind the scenes! Let’s get to know each other, and share inspiration!  Creativity should not be kept in the dark!

Please contact us here, or via any of our social networking platforms with questions, or just to chat!!! Connecting with people is what makes this a beautiful success!



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