Patinas Here I Come!!!

So hello world! In my efforts to not bore you to death with TOO many blog posts, I’ve over compensated and neglected to post often enough!! I’m so sorry! As my husband often informs me, I am one extreme or the other – middle ground is hard to come by!!! (laughs out loud)

Firstly, I need to inform you that the Zibbet relaunch is HAPPENING!!! My Zibbet website will be off-line July 26 – July 28 while they migrate everything over to the new site, so if you can’t find me during that time, that’s why! My website address will NOT change however, so after July 28 you will be able to continue shopping at Please remember that you can always shop here on my blog, OR on my facebook business page at ANY time!!! For these purchases, I simply send a PayPal invoice to your e-mail address, which you can pay either with your credit card, OR PayPal balance if you have an account! It’s extremely easy, and a safe way to do business! I also periodically list pieces for auction in a Facebook group called Artisan Designers Jewelry Buy and Sell. You will find not only my work, but a large variety of work from other very talented artisans!!! I urge you to come check us out! To participate in the group, simply follow the link above (or type the name into your search bar on facebook), click ‘join group’, and wait to be added as a member. Once you have been added, agree to the rules pinned at the top of the group page. All done? Now you are good to go browse the myriad of talented artists and their gorgeous works of wearable art, bid on those pieces you can’t live without, and become one of many enjoying and wearing artisan crafted jewelry!!! Enjoy! 

So what else is new at Azteca Designs Boutique? Well, I have just invested a fair amount of cash into Rio Grande for LOTS of supplies, including bronze, brass, sterling silver, and Argentium Silver wire, a small amount of findings (I make most of my own findings), and PATINAS!!!! I am SOOoooooo very excited (can you tell?!) about my new venture with patinas. They change the look of your metals so drastically, and give it such a ‘yummy’ appearance! There are many colors available, but I am trying the green patina for bronze, copper, and brass, and the black patina for silver. I also purchased a couple of tins of Gilder’s Paste, which will be a BLAST to experiment with!!! So here is where I want YOUR input! Lots of you out there have experience with patinas and Gilder’s Paste…what advise do you have for me in starting my new venture? What is the number one thing you would say NOT to do when working with patinas? Please leave me your comments!!!  Each one is appreciated!!!

Ok, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


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