My Art Inspired

I love how intangibles can be made tangible through art of all kinds. Simply put, ART is anything by which we express our innermost feelings. Music, painting, clay, jewelry, sculpture, glass, baking, gardening, homemaking, the list goes on! 

My ART is jewelry. I am passionate about it.

My creative, inspired, colorful nature is expressed through making jewelry. My jewelry making process is just that – a process. This isn’t JUST any jewelry, my friends….each piece is an expression of a thought, a feeling, a spark of inspiration, and a labor of love. A piece of my heart, a bit of my special gift and talent that I am brave enough to show you, and show the world! As I grow and stretch as a person and individual, so does my ART! It continually evolves, grows, changes, matures… This is what we desire – never to stay in one place….never to become stagnant…but to push our limits and flourish in beautiful color! My creative journey is the story of my life written in wearable art! 

I sell my jewelry, and sometimes I give it away. It is a great joy to, in either circumstance, share my passion and individual expression with a little bit of the world – with you! 

I would love to connect with you! Find me on Facebook at: and shop at:


Heidi W.





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