About Azteca Designs Boutique

Azteca Designs Boutique  features jewelry, and  jewelry components for use in your own designs, all hand fabricated, forged, created, and designed by me in my little studio here in Wyoming! I welcome custom requests for jewelry pieces and components!
I am a horsewoman, a wife, a mother to my furbaby Akita/Husky Tundra, and owner of Azteca Designs Boutique.  My work as a horse trainer and wrangler in the Rocky Mountains, as well as my country upbringing, has led to the rustic earthy flavor most prominent in my work, but you will see more refined pieces as well! I want you to find a piece in my shop that has your curiosity piqued…one that intrigues you, that begs you ask the question, “What inspired this?” Some pieces simply have their story written all over them plain to see, but some hide secrets worth treasuring for a lifetime!
Azteca Designs Boutique works hard to offer you only the best in artisan crafted, hand worked jewelry for you, and your gifting needs!

Heidi W.


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