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Need Unique Last Minute Gift Ideas?

Hello and Happy December from us at Azteca Designs Boutique! My sweet pooch Tundra is so happy to finally have more snow and cold weather – I feel a differently about this whole ‘winter’ thing, but I’m happy that she’s happy!!

Oh yes, and it IS December! We are getting so close to Christmas!!! Do you need a few ideas for those last minute gifts? Here are just a few that are guaranteed to make that special someone incredibly happy on Christmas Day!

Fitness enthusiast/Gym Rat on your list?? Perhaps your personal trainer or coach?

My latest collection of CrossFit/Fitness themed hand fabricated jewelry is sure to make them light up and jump up and down!!! Check out the collection here:  CrossFit/Fitness Jewelry


Looking for something minimalist and simple? My hand stamped tiny earrings make lovely personalized gift! Find them here:

Teeny Tiny Open Hoops



Or seriously, are you looking for THAT perfect, one of a kind, unique gift that NO ONE else will ever have? You’ll find it in my shop, guaranteed!   Visit Azteca Designs Boutique for that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!




Please let me know if I can assist you in any way with your shopping needs!

We are wishing you all a very merry holiday season, filled with love, light, and time spent with those you call family and friends!!!

Blessings to all~

Heidi and Tundra @ Azteca Designs Boutique 




Once in a Blue Moon

NO joke!!! It’s been literally FOREVER since I touched base with my blog followers and fans!

We purchased and closed on our first home the end of May 2016, and I’ve been so busy settling in, getting my studio set up and tweaking things to where I want it. With an unfinished basement, and hubby changing jobs in the middle of all of this to a ‘work from home’ AWESOME position, we’ve had to learn to work around eachother, and get busy on on home improvement projects! We also had to get the backyard put in before winter last fall – we installed everything ourselves….sprinkler system, sod, rock….it saved dollars, but took a lot of time. Home ownership is fantastic – no worrying about landlords, etc, and we do so enjoy the projects! But I’ve let my writing fall by the wayside, for which I am sorry!!! 🙂

My most recent accomplishment in my jewelry metal smithing has been my MOON Collection~ I gifted myself with a brand new Swanstrom disk cutter for Christmas, and I’ve been having SO much fun with it, cutting disks, and crescent moons, and creating with them! The collection is now complete, for the time being. It’s time to move on to whatever I’m inspired to create next – no, I don’t know what that looks like yet, I just ‘know’ it will popping up before long!

Here’s some photos of my MOON Collection!! Simply CLICK HERE  to be transported to my website where you can browse the FULL collection, and purchase the piece(s) you fall in love with!!! 🙂


On this note – it’s time for lunch, and little bit more house cleaning!!! I promise I’ll be writing a bit more often!!

~Heidi @ Azteca Designs Boutique 

Recycling Your Scrap Silver

I have finally accumulated enough scrap silver from my work that I decided to try melting it down into something I could use! I’ve been wanting some little silver balls to use as embellishments on my work, so I decided to try and make some. I put a tiny pile of scraps and shavings on my charcoal block, and set another block behind it. Then I turned the torch up, and heated the pile by moving the torch in small circles. The silver, once hot enough, began to melt. With continued heat, it pulled together, and formed a ball, all on it’s own! Now, backing up a step, I recommend creating a little divot in your block for the ball to form and rest in….I did not do this at first, and the first ball I made ended up rolling around on the block in its very hot – almost liquid – state. It very easily could have rolled off  – yikes! To view the video I created, visit my facebook fan page HERE!

The balls that form are round on the top, but semi flat on the bottom. This is perfect for me, as it makes it easier to solder onto flat surfaces! I also made a pair of shiny 6mm stud earrings with a pair of closely matched balls – who doesn’t need a pair of these simple beauties!

These little studs will be available during my online trunk show this (late) Saturday night (7th) through Monday evening (9th) in the facebook group Jewelry Designers Open Market!

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me how you use YOUR silver scrap!!!

Stay Creative, Be Inspired~

Heidi @ Azteca Designs Boutique