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Need Unique Last Minute Gift Ideas?

Hello and Happy December from us at Azteca Designs Boutique! My sweet pooch Tundra is so happy to finally have more snow and cold weather – I feel a differently about this whole ‘winter’ thing, but I’m happy that she’s happy!!

Oh yes, and it IS December! We are getting so close to Christmas!!! Do you need a few ideas for those last minute gifts? Here are just a few that are guaranteed to make that special someone incredibly happy on Christmas Day!

Fitness enthusiast/Gym Rat on your list?? Perhaps your personal trainer or coach?

My latest collection of CrossFit/Fitness themed hand fabricated jewelry is sure to make them light up and jump up and down!!! Check out the collection here:  CrossFit/Fitness Jewelry


Looking for something minimalist and simple? My hand stamped tiny earrings make lovely personalized gift! Find them here:

Teeny Tiny Open Hoops



Or seriously, are you looking for THAT perfect, one of a kind, unique gift that NO ONE else will ever have? You’ll find it in my shop, guaranteed!   Visit Azteca Designs Boutique for that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!




Please let me know if I can assist you in any way with your shopping needs!

We are wishing you all a very merry holiday season, filled with love, light, and time spent with those you call family and friends!!!

Blessings to all~

Heidi and Tundra @ Azteca Designs Boutique 




Apartment Hunting, and Blogging

My husband and I spent our entire afternoon apartment hunting. I was surprised to find that the day had actually ended on a positive note! Number one, I don’t enjoy city living, and was surprised to find that there are actually parts of Denver that aren’t hideously industrial and dirty. Number two, we don’t have a large budget, and it was a pleasant surprise to find that we might be able to get a rather nice place in a rather nice location AND keep to our budget! We are huge outdoorsy people, love biking, hiking, walking, etc, so it was super awesome to find apartments that sat right on or next to parks and bike trails. YAY! I’ll keep ya’ll posted on our move date! 😀

So check it out – I love this Everything Etsy blog. It’s very informative and helpful! Check out this post Directory Listings and Bling.

They offer to list your Etsy shop FOR FREE!!! Here’s my listing: Azteca Designs. Scroll down the page until you find my shop name. Then feel free to browse the blog – there are some amazing and wonderful Etsy shops and shop owners here!!! 😀


Thank you once again to all of these fab curators!!!  Please tweet, facebook, blog, and tell a friend!!!

This one’s for the boys

Romantic style handmade

Vintage Art Deco


I Want To Be A Pirate

Have a good night, ya’ll!!!

Our First Feature: Di Grazia Rosa Etsy Shop!

Hello fans, followers, and Etsy lovers!!!

Azteca Designs is starting a ‘Blog Feature Swap’!  Our first feature is for Di Grazia Rosa Etsy Shop.

This shop features many works of unique art and collectibles, not the least of which are her adorable Pot People!!! Made of over-turned flower pots, these Pot People come in all kinds of characters, but the ones that made me look twice were her Twilight Series. Featured in her shop as the Love Triangle Set -Edward,Bella, and Jacob, these are amazing works of art at affordable prices!

And who doesn’t love the Nutcracker??? Well, here you go – fantastic one-of-a-kind, hand-designed Nutcracker dolls by Di Grazia Rosa. Adorable!!! They are such master pieces that they will be passed down for generations!

Besides her unique dolls, Di Grazia Rosa also carries note cards, personalized trinket boxes, art prints, and beautiful canvas art.

Stop by today, and see what new and amazing works are available!!!

To shop, click www.digraziarosa.etsy.com

To read more about Di Grazia Rosa, click www.digraziarosa.blogspot.com