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40% OFF Sale Going Strong!

Happy Friday friends!!! Yay!!! So glad it’s Friday!!! I went to my first Olympic Lifting Club session last night at my CrossFit gym, then we had 17.2 CrossFit Open workout at 5 AM this morning – combined with a whole week of workouts, and fighting a cold that’s *almost* gone, well, I’m kinda done and ready for the weekend!!!

Special announcement – I spent all day yesterday adding over 200 items to my CLOSEOUTS section on my website!!! Everything in the CLOSEOUTS section is marked waaaaaay down 40% OFF!!!! This is insanely low pricing for artisan hand crafted work – barely cost for most of them. Here’s the link to my website, and click on the little section titled CLOSEOUTS to make shopping a breeze! SHOP AZTECA DESIGNS NOW

I’m about to head out the door to ship existing orders, so any orders placed between now and Sunday will ship first thing Monday morning!! Thank you!!!

Happy Weekend!!




Once in a Blue Moon

NO joke!!! It’s been literally FOREVER since I touched base with my blog followers and fans!

We purchased and closed on our first home the end of May 2016, and I’ve been so busy settling in, getting my studio set up and tweaking things to where I want it. With an unfinished basement, and hubby changing jobs in the middle of all of this to a ‘work from home’ AWESOME position, we’ve had to learn to work around eachother, and get busy on on home improvement projects! We also had to get the backyard put in before winter last fall – we installed everything ourselves….sprinkler system, sod, rock….it saved dollars, but took a lot of time. Home ownership is fantastic – no worrying about landlords, etc, and we do so enjoy the projects! But I’ve let my writing fall by the wayside, for which I am sorry!!! 🙂

My most recent accomplishment in my jewelry metal smithing has been my MOON Collection~ I gifted myself with a brand new Swanstrom disk cutter for Christmas, and I’ve been having SO much fun with it, cutting disks, and crescent moons, and creating with them! The collection is now complete, for the time being. It’s time to move on to whatever I’m inspired to create next – no, I don’t know what that looks like yet, I just ‘know’ it will popping up before long!

Here’s some photos of my MOON Collection!! Simply CLICK HERE  to be transported to my website where you can browse the FULL collection, and purchase the piece(s) you fall in love with!!! 🙂


On this note – it’s time for lunch, and little bit more house cleaning!!! I promise I’ll be writing a bit more often!!

~Heidi @ Azteca Designs Boutique 

Getting Started With Custom Banners

So I promised in my last post to fill you in on my little secret to awesome, easy, and FREE custom banners, headers, profile photos, etc, right?!? So here it is: CANVA !! This site is absolutely AMAZING, and if you haven’t already discovered it, PLEASE go check it out!!! Most of you are probably extremely tech savvy, so this would look like kindergarten play to you, but for me, and some of us out there who are technically challenged, this was a dream come true! They have some ready made templates available, or you can go to the upper right hand corner of their page and click ‘use custom dimensions’ to totally customize for any web page, site, blog, etc!  I found this site at just the right time, as I was re-opening AZTECA DESIGNS BOUTIQUE and needed help freshening my shop look, and giving my over-all web appearance a more professional looking face lift! Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve tried CANVA,  and if so, how it helped you! Also, feel free to share other helpful web sites on designing your own web sites and pages for FREE! Thanks everyone!!!

I am going to be off-line quite a bit this week as I have family coming from out of town for a visit! However I will be checking e-mail and shipping orders as usual, so no worries there! Please check out our boutique this week, if you haven’t yet…I am running a SPECIAL through April 15, and there is a coupon code on my boutique’s FRONT PAGE which I would LOVE for you to take advantage of! I have also listed a TON more items, because I am taking advantage of a 45 day free trial offer from Zibbet for a premium membership. I will be cancelling it on May 16, at which time my inventory will be reduced to 50 items again. Please take advantage of this opportunity to shop the HUGE selection of chainmaille, leather, copper, and silver artisan crafted jewelry we have for sale! 

Thank you everyone, and I look forward to hearing back from you!