How To Make A Cowrie Shell Flower

I have had a lot of searches and requests on how to make a cowrie shell flower. I’ll be honest with you – I taught my self how to tie them, so what you see here could be way off the beaten path, but I hope it helps, and perhaps gives you a bit of inspiration to try making one of your own!

To start with, I pick five (5) yellow cowrie shells, all roughly the same size. My shells are drilled on each end. You will also need two (2) feet of 1mm cord, a round file to enlarge drill holes if necessary, and scissors:

Next, if drill holes are too small for 1mm cord, file to enlarge them. Then arrange your shells into a flower type shape with the POINTED ends IN.

Take the middle two shells, string them on the cord, and tie a half knot, like so:

Add one shell at a time, tying a half knot between each addition to secure it in place.

When you have added all of the shells, wrap the extra cord multiple times over, around, and in between shells to give the flower some added stability and shape.

Tie the cord off in the back when you feel like you have a good sturdy shape. There you have it! To create a necklace from your new flower, simply file a drill hole large enough to slide a 2-3 mm cord through. You may knot the cord right above the flower as I did in photo below, or leave it plain. Add a selection of organic and earthy toned large holed beads, and knot cord ends to prevent beads from sliding off when you are not wearing the necklace. I left this necklace completely natural by leaving off any metal clasps, etc. It fastens by simply tying it in the back!

However, you may add as much hardware as you wish – the possibilities are endless!!!*Now at*

Have a good evening, all, and a wonderful weekend! 😀

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Cowrie Shell Flower”

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    1. Thank you Sublime Strings for checking out my blog! I would love to feature your Etsy shop here, and will work on it this weekend!!! 🙂 Best of luck in your new business adventure!
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